​Breeding quality ball pythons without compromise

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His love for snakes and breeding ball pythons is still his favorite hobby.  Mike enjoys educating  and creating non-reptile people into snake enthusiasts .  

We treat all of our snakes with the utmost of care.  They are  kept as pets and we enjoy naming all of our "keeper" snakes and learning their individual personalities!  We focus on quality, not quantity at Porter's Pythons to ensure excellent health and personalized care of all of our animals.  We really want our animals to thrive and because of this will communicate with you as often as we can to ensure your success with these amazing snakes!

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In 2015  Mike produced the first  Banana Savannah .  

Mike started his collection of ball pythons in 2009 with Batman, a male pastel yellowbelly, and Ziva, a pinstripe female.  He expanded his collection in 2010 with Sweetheart, a normal female and began breeding in 2011.   These three snakes are still in the collection today!