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Zach got his first pair of running legs last year. 

 Check back soon... We'll be updating as donations come in!  In the meantime, meet the beautiful animals from last year! 

 Banana Pied Male (2019)

3rd Annual CAF Raffle

This is my fifth year participating in the event and the 3rd Annual Team Zach/CAF Raffle and Auction. 

1) $25  for 1 entry or $100 for 5 entries

Why We Support
Challenged Athletes Foundation

Meet my little Buddy, Zach

He is my inspiration for participating in the San Diego Triathlon  and creating awareness for  Challenged Athletes Foundation every year.  

Zach was born with a rare syndrome called TAR syndrome where he developed short arms and non functioning legs. Zach's legs were amputated at 18 months and soon after was fitted for his first set of prosthetics.  

Zach's mom, Lauren and I worked together at Long Beach Memorial ER.  She  introduced me to the organization back in 2015 when their family first got involved with the foundation. As a tri-athlete, sports have been a big part of my life growing up. It just made sense to get involved with an organization that provides opportunities for individuals with physical challenges to find success in life through sports , community and mentorship. 

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Raffle Rules

 2nd Annual CAF Auction Animals

​Breeding quality ball pythons without compromise

Value: $ 600